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These fossils were found in three different states. At the top, the cephlopod is from a layer of limestone in Tennessee. It is probably 300 million years old.
The other two fossils are from Kentucky. They are sections of stem from a woody plant. They are not as old as the cephlopod, but still a couple of hundred million years would not surprise me.
The second picture shows some crinoids that I found in a dry creek bed in Oklahoma. They are about the same age as the cephlopod. Crinoids are sea creatures that look like a plant. These are part of the "stem." Like many marine animals, they attached themselves to a rock and stayed there.
The last picture has a nickle in it for scale.


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I came across your fossil pictures and that is a very nice coiled cephalopod in the first and third pictures.

Referring to the picture of the crinoid stems, the one fossil at the bottom of the picture in the middle looks like an straight cephalopod. It sort of looks like a narrow funnel in shape. The can be confused as crinoids because their growth is marked by rings as well.

Check out some cephalopod images here:


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